MyTRUMPF conditions of use

I. Preamble

TRUMPF SE + Co. KG (Holding) (listed as TRUMPF in the following) operate this website for its company as well as for affiliated companies in accordance with § 15 of the Stock Corporation Act and for license holders or Joint Venture Partners.

All information, documents and graphics published by TRUMPF and its associated companies in the Internet are collated according to the best of our knowledge and belief. We constantly strive to expand and update the offer on this server. References to other Internet publications are not recommendations for the respective company, its products or services.

II. Rights of use and copyright

Use of this website is subject to the following conditions of use. You give your consent to these conditions with your registration [or when logging in again at a later point]. TRUMPF can update or change the conditions of use at any time. You will be notified in writing of any changes to these conditions of use at the latest two months before the suggested date that the changes come into effect. TRUMPF can also offer changes via an information offering during login. Your consent to the changes to these conditions of use is deemed to be given if you do not object to their validity by the suggested time of the changes coming into effect. In an offer to change the conditions of use, TRUMPF will inform you of the effect of this approval.

The information provided on this website (text, images, graphics, animations, media objects as well as their layout) is subject to copyright protection and other protective laws. The content of these pages may not be copied, changed or made accessible to third parties for commercial purposes without the consent of TRUMPF. If TRUMPF has approved use, TRUMPF's copyright must be indicated on every copy of our publications or parts thereof. In particular, reproductions, translations and storage and processing in other media are prohibited. Some pages contain images, texts or media objects which are subject to the copyright of third parties.

By transferring content via the portal, the user grants TRUMPF the non-exclusive, unrestricted right in terms of location, content and time, to use this content in its original form, or in its changed, processed or redesigned form, in other words, to store the content permanently or temporarily in particular and to upload and display it.

III. Registration, personal data protection

All users must first register in order to become members of the Internet platform. The users must provide personal data for this purpose. The users of the platform assure that all data provided during registration is true and complete. A registration can only be carried out for one individual, natural person.  "Group accounts" are prohibited. Every user may only register once and may only set up one profile. The access data must be treated with strict confidence. It is prohibited to transfer access to third parties by passing on user names and passwords, for example.

There is no right to registration and use of the Internet platform. Details on handling your personal data can be found in our data protection policy. TRUMPF evaluates the access operations for purely statistical purposes without personal data.

TRUMPF is entitled to exclude members from further use of the Internet platform temporarily or permanently, in particular if they have given false information during registration, or have violated the conditions of use and/or legal regulations. In this case, access to the Internet platform will be blocked. The members are entitled to terminate the registration at any time without giving reasons. The termination shall be in writing, addressed to the person stored under 'Contact'.

IV. Online orders

The contractual terms of TRUMPF shall apply exclusively for all orders placed within the framework of the online offer, in particular the general terms and conditions (TRUMPF GTC) of the respective country in the respectively valid version. You can find a link to the General Terms and Conditions in the Company Details section of this website.  TRUMPF enables orders as part of the online offer; sellers are affiliated companies of TRUMPF. 

Your order in the MyTRUMPF online shop constitutes an offer from you to TRUMPF relating to the conclusion of a contract. TRUMPF is free to accept your offer. A purchase contract is only concluded when an order confirmation is sent by TRUMPF or when the ordered goods are dispatched by TRUMPF. TRUMPF usually initially sends an e-mail to confirm that your order has been received. This e-mail does not yet constitute acceptance of your offer relating to the conclusion of a contract.

V. Liability

TRUMPF strives to constantly expand and update this information offering. The information on this website is for the sole purpose of representing TRUMPF and its products and services. Please remember that this information is up-to-date at time of publication, but could be obsolete by the time it is accessed. You must therefore check information that you obtain from this website before using it - regardless of how it is used.

Advice given on this website does not exempt you from conducting your own checks of our current advisory instructions and our products with a view of their suitability for the intended procedures and purposes. If you require specific advice or instructions concerning our products or services, please contact us directly.

TRUMPF and its associated companies do not assume any warranty or liability in connection with use of this web page or for the accuracy and completeness of the information it contains. In particular, no liability is assumed for damage or harm, regardless of the type, in connection with the completeness and accuracy of the information. All information is given "as is", without any express, implied or tacit liability for defects. In particular, this includes a warranty for commercial quality, suitability for a specific purpose or non-affection, as long as legally permitted. This also applies to possible damage caused in connection with downloads of any file formats from our web pages. The users agree to access this web page and its contents at their own risk.

This website is intended for international use. However, TRUMPF shall not be liable and does not guarantee that the information presented on this website is correct all over the world, in particular that the products and services are available worldwide in the same form and under the same conditions. If you access this website and/or download content, you are responsible for ensuring that it is compatible with the laws valid at your location. This website provides links to web pages from third parties which they have created under their own responsibility. When using the links, you are leaving the TRUMPF website and accessing pages with content not managed by TRUMPF and for which TRUMPF assumes no responsibility whatsoever. The link is for the sole purpose of information and for providing an additional service to the users. The content available there has no connection with our company. TRUMPF and its associated companies shall not be liable for harm or damage arising for the use of the contents of this page.

Comments on articles or products, or statements from other visitors (blog) do not necessarily represent the views of TRUMPF, but only that of the author. If it comes to TRUMPF's attention that content is unlawful and violates the conditions of use, or if this is suspected, TRUMPF is entitled and obligated to either fully or partially delete or block this content without further notification.  Every visitor of the website is instructed to draw the attention of the operator to unlawful or offensive content.

As a website user, you are obligated to hold TRUMPF harmless from any legal claims, losses, liabilities, legal action, judicial or administrative proceedings and costs resulting from or in connection with the unlawful use of discussions, chats, shipments, transmissions, bulletin boards and the like contained in this website, including any resulting from a violation of this declaration. In particular, such legal claims include legal claims caused by misuse of brands, trade names, copyrights and patents, brand dilution, unlawful conflict with contractual or anticipated business relationships, unfair competition, defamation or libel, false representation or violation of the warranty duty or other business impairment or damage.

VI. Declaration of consent

By using/opening the present web pages, the user declares their consent with the conditions of use listed here. TRUMPF reserves the right to use all information given via this website for any purpose, including all ideas, inventions, concepts, methods or expertise included, for example to notify third parties and/or for the development, manufacturing and/or marketing of products or services, as long as permitted by law.

VII. Closing provisions

TRUMPF reserves the express right to change, supplement and delete parts of the pages or the entire offering without specific notification, or to stop the publication temporarily or finally. These general conditions of use and all resulting obligations shall be subject to German law; the conflict of laws provision and the UN sales law (CISG) or parts thereof do not apply. The place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart, Germany TRUMPF reserves the right to file a complaint at any other court of jurisdiction.

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