Safety First - TruLaser Center 7030


The content and illustrations are designed to raise the hazard awareness of users and operators and to help to prevent personal injury when working with laser machines. They are not intended to show all typical or possible operating errors.

As machine technology is also subject to continuous change, TRUMPF and the manufacturers of this application accepts no liability for the completeness and up-to-dateness of any of the information given. Please note: the content corresponds with the German approval and operator regulations in line with the state of technology as at January 2020.

The contents

  • do not release you from the operator's responsibilities or from the obligation to comply with the valid national regulations and the country-specific requirements,
  • do not replace the other documentation, in particular the Operator's manuals or other machine-related data,
  • do not replace the training recommended by TRUMPF,
  • do not replace the need to obtain professional advice from TRUMPF's customer service team in case of doubt or in problematic situations.


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